Hampshire Timber Frame will provide a complete set of architectural drawings for your entire project including conventional and panelized sections.  This set will include all applicable drawings listed below:

Architectural Set

  1. 1st floor plan

  2. 2nd floor plan

  3. Loft plan

  4. Basement plan (if finished)

  5. Four elevations

  6. Section through structure at stairway location

Construction Set

  1. Completed Architectural set, plus

  2. Foundation plan & details

  3. Additional sections & details

  4. Timber “Frame” drawings

  5. Panel layout drawings


  1. Architectural drawings are done when you enter the design phase. Construction drawings are done when you go to contract.
  2. Mechanical drawings such as heating, electrical and plumbing need to be drawn up locally usually by your local subcontractors in order to meet local codes.

  3. Engineering costs for reviews and certification are the responsibility of the owners.